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Natural Resources and Economic Power: the Development-Security Nexus of Greenland

  title={Natural Resources and Economic Power: the Development-Security Nexus of Greenland},
  author={Zachary I. Abbott},
  journal={Review of International Studies},


Environmental Economics: An Introduction
This book discusses the development of environmental policies in the United States and discusses the strategies used to develop and implement these policies.
Natural resource economics : an introduction
Preface Section I. Introduction 1: Important Issues in Natural Resource Economics 2: Natural Resources and the Economy Section II. Building Blocks 3: Willingness to Pay/Demand 4: Costs/Supply 5:
Greenland at the Crossroads
At the end of March 2010, a domestic political event suddenly made Greenland a hot topic in Danish current affairs: Lene Espersen, the leader of the Conservative People's party and the new minister
Hunting and fishing settlements in Upernavik district of Northern Greenland – challenged by climate, centralization, and globalization
Inuit from the Upernavik district of Northern Greenland have, for generations, used winter sea ice as the basis for essential hunting of seals, white whales, and narwhales. For the continued
Worth the energy? The geopolitics of Arctic oil and gas
Climate change is literally and metaphorically bringing the Arctic in from the cold in international affairs with new economic opportunities emerging with the retreat of the ice sheets. Prominent
A Tale of Two Farms
Economic Warfare: A Study of US and China Strategy Using the Economic Element of National Power
Abstract : The U.S. military forces dominate the battlefield today, but recent operations have demonstrated that victory cannot be achieved through the traditional annihilation of enemy forces alone.
Arctic Human Development Report. Regional Processes and Global Linkages.
The goals of the second volume of the AHDR – Arctic Human Development Report: Regional Processes and Global Linkages – are to provide an update to the first AHDR (2004) in terms of an assessment of