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Natural Remedies for Improving Learning and Memory-Review

  title={Natural Remedies for Improving Learning and Memory-Review},
  author={Najar Urfan Nabi and K Garg Neeraj and Kant Ravi and Kothiyal Preeti},
  journal={International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research},
  • N. Nabi, K. Neeraj, +1 author K. Preeti
  • Published 2013
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research
Dementia is a syndrome usually occurs in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and vascular dementia (VD) due to disease in brain. It associate’s the impairment of memory, thinking, learning disability, orientation and judgement. Memory is perhaps the most vital of all aspects that differentiates human beings from other animals. However, memory can become faulty due to several reasons, and in that case the person is not able to make full use of his or her potentials. Cognitive enhancers are drugs… Expand
Learning and Memory Enhancing Activity of Polyherbal Formulation on Streptozotocin Induced Memory Impairment in Rats via Reducing Mitochondria–Targeted Cytochrome
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is defined as degradation of neurons and there is no effective therapy or cure for the disease.1 It has affected nearly 40 million people around the globe and that isExpand
Evaluation of Anti-Amnesic Activity of Essential Oil of Kaempferia galanga in Mice
Background: Herbal drugs have used in India since ancient times. But its utilization got reduced due to global urbanization. The world is again moving towards herbal alternatives due to the sideExpand
Antidepressant and Antiamnesic Potential of Foeniculum vulgare
The results showed the memory enhancing and antidepressant actions of Foeniculum vulgare whole crushed seeds showed the antiamnesic and antidepressant effect of. Expand
Ilex Paraguariensis exposition to As and Cd in a closed soilless system.
Results show that stem diameter and Dickson quality index (DQI) variables could not be used as a potential indicator of accumulation of As and Cd, leading to conclude that this way of consumption can be an important source of toxic elements for the human diet. Expand
Effect of mini-cutting size on adventitious rooting and morphophysiological quality of Ilex paraguariensis plantlets
Single-bud mini-cuttings up to 2.5 cm long have similar adventitious rooting competence, and result in plantlets with adequate morphophysiological quality, based upon leaf development, shoot height, stem diameter and length, and surface area, volume and diameter of roots. Expand
Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and clinical applications of traditional medicinal plants as memory booster
In present paper, attempts were made to cover pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and clinical applications of traditional medicinal plants as memory booster. Expand


Memory-enhancing activity of Rose alba in mice
RA improved learning and memory of mice as indicated by decreased transfer-latency and increased step-down latency, and the results indicate that the aqueous extract of calyces of RA might prove to be a useful memory restorative agent in the treatment of cognitive disorders. Expand
Cholinergic basis of memory-strengthening effect of Foeniculum vulgare Linn.
F. vulgare extract increased step-down latency and acetylcholinesterase inhibition in mice significantly and can be employed in treatment of cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Expand
Promising Therapeutics with Natural Bioactive Compounds for Improving Learning and Memory — A Review of Randomized Trials
Besides natural products that show promising effects in clinical trials, medicinal plants that have promising experimental data or initial clinical data and might have potential to reach a clinical trial in the near future are discussed. Expand
Salvia for dementia therapy: review of pharmacological activity and pilot tolerability clinical trial
In a pilot open-label study involving oral administration of the essential oil to patients with AD, a significant increase in diastolic and systolic blood pressure was observed in two patients, however this may have been due primarily to preexisting hypertension and there were no abnormalities in other vital signs or blood samples during the trial period. Expand
Assessment of the potential of an ayurvedic rasayana (rejuvenator) drug Zingiber officinale Roscoe as a memory enhancer found it to be a useful memory restorative agent in the treatment of dementia seen in the elderly. Expand
Cognition Enhancers: Current Strategies and Future Perspectives
Continuing research progress have validated some of the newer targets such as nicotinic receptors, PDE4, 5HT6, calcium channel blockers which can be of therapeutic importance. Expand
Intracerebroventricular administration of streptozotocin causes long-term diminutions in learning and memory abilities and in cerebral energy metabolism in adult rats.
Adult rats with icv-injected STZ developed long-term and progressive deficits in learning, memory, and cognitive behavior, indicated by decreases in working and reference memory in the holeboard task and the passive avoidance paradigm, along with a permanent and ongoing cerebral energy deficit. Expand
Hedychium spicatum: Evaluation of Its Nootropic Effect in Mice
H. spicatum might prove to be a useful as a memory restorative agent in the treatment of dementia seen in the Alzheimer's disease, according to preliminary phytochemical screening along with HPTLC studies. Expand
Plants used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine for improvement of memory and cognitive function
Plants and their constituents with pharmacological activities that may be relevant for the treatment of cognitive disorders, including enhancement of cholinergic function in the central nervous system (CNS), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, are discussed. Expand
Zingiber officinale Improves Cognitive Function of the Middle-Aged Healthy Women
It is found that the ginger-treated groups had significantly decreased P300 latencies, increased N100 and P300 amplitudes, and exhibited enhanced working memory, suggesting ginger is a potential cognitive enhancer for middle-aged women. Expand