Natural Minerogenic Dust and Human Health

  title={Natural Minerogenic Dust and Human Health},
  author={Edward Derbyshire},
Atmospheric aerosols include gases and liquids, as well as solid particles. They include material derived from both oceans and landmass, as well as particles that form within the atmosphere, such as sulfates. Solid particles entrained in the atmosphere by detachment from poorly vegetated surfaces (the process of deflation) include, for example, rock and mineral dust, fine mineral aggregates, fibrous minerals, fibrous organic materials, and sea salt. The burning of vegetation (biomass) yields… Expand
The role of airborne mineral dusts in human disease
Exposure to fine particulate matter (PM) is generally acknowledged to increase risk for human morbidity and mortality. However, particulate matter (PM) research has generally examined anthropogenicExpand
Biological, Chemical, and Environmental Hazards of Desert Dust to Military Personnel
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Wasatch Front Atmospheric Deposition Reflects Regional Desert Dust and Local Anthropogenic Sources
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Causes and Effects of Sand and Dust Storms: What Has Past Research Taught Us? A Survey
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Desert dust and human health disorders.
  • A. Goudie
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Environment international
  • 2014
Among the human health effects of dust storms are respiratory disorders (including asthma, tracheitis, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis and silicosis), cardiovascular disorders ( including stroke), conjunctivitis, skin irritations, meningococcal meningitis, valley fever, diseases associated with toxic algal blooms and mortality and injuries related to transport accidents. Expand
Trace element chemistry of atmospheric deposition along the Wasatch Front (Utah, USA) reflects regional playa dust and local urban aerosols
Abstract Atmospheric deposition to urban areas and mountain snowpack often contains a mixture of playa dust and anthropogenic aerosols, yet the relative contribution of trace elements from eachExpand
A Systematic Review of Global Desert Dust and Associated Human Health Effects
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Mineral dusts can be produced naturally by wind erosion or by human activities such as mining or land use for agriculture. Some mineral dusts such as silica, coal and asbestos can lead to adverseExpand
Monitoring the impact of desert dust outbreaks for air quality for health studies
Methods to allow the discrimination of health effects by PM fraction during dust outbreaks are proposed, and a strategy to implement desert dust alert and monitoring systems for health studies and air quality management is proposed. Expand
Origin and SEM analysis of aerosols in the high mountain of Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Focusing on aerosolized matter of relevance to respiratory health, a major public health issue worldwide, we studied mineral and biological aerosol (bioaerosol) composition (TSP and PM2.5) andExpand


Saharan dust storms: nature and consequences
This paper reviews recent work on the role of Saharan dust in environmental change, the location and strength of source areas, the transport paths of material away from the desert, the rates ofExpand
Change in atmospheric mineral aerosols in response to climate: Last glacial period, preindustrial, modern, and doubled carbon dioxide climates
Desert dust simulations generated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Community Climate System Model for the current climate are shown to be consistent with present day satellite andExpand
Characteristics of dust particles from the desert/Gobi area of northwestern China during dust-storm periods
Abstract. The total suspended particle (TSP) samples were collected from seven urban cities in Gansu province in the periods of dust storms from January to April 2001. These dust events wereExpand
Modeling the mineral dust aerosol cycle in the climate system
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Characterization of Aerosolized Bacteria and Fungi From Desert Dust Events in Mali, West Africa
Millions of metric tons of African desert dust blow across the Atlantic Ocean each year, blanketing the Caribbean and southeastern United States. Previous work in the Caribbean has shown thatExpand
Case study of a Chinese dust plume reaching the French Alps
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The global transport of dust
dirt is carried aloft. Drifting with the sus pended dust particles are soil pollutants such as herbicides and pesticides and a significant number of microorganisms? bacteria, viruses and fungi. WeExpand
[1] We use the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) sensor on the Nimbus 7 satellite to map the global distribution of major atmospheric dust sources with the goal of identifying commonExpand
African dust and the demise of Caribbean Coral Reefs
The vitality of Caribbean coral reefs has undergone a continual state of decline since the late 1970s, a period of time coincidental with large increases in transatlantic dust transport. It isExpand
Impact of the North African drought and El Niño on mineral dust in the Barbados trade winds
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