Natrium-Kalium-Adenosintriphosphatase-Aktivität in Erythrozytenghosts von Patienten mit essentieller Hypertonie


Increased sodium concentration and high influx of Na22 are reported in erythrocytes of patients with essential hypertension. It was speculated, that these findings are due to a disturbed transport for sodium across red cell membranes. We found a significantly increased activity of the ouabainsensitive Na-K-ATP'ase in red cell ghosts of 27 patients with… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01477404


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@article{Wambach2005NatriumKaliumAdenosintriphosphatas, title={Natrium-Kalium-Adenosintriphosphatase-Aktivit{\"a}t in Erythrozytenghosts von Patienten mit essentieller Hypertonie}, author={G. Wambach and Andrew Helber and Gerd B{\"o}nner and W. Hummerich}, journal={Klinische Wochenschrift}, year={2005}, volume={57}, pages={169-172} }