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Native browser support for 3D rendering and physics using WebGL, HTML5 and Javascript

  title={Native browser support for 3D rendering and physics using WebGL, HTML5 and Javascript},
  author={Rovshen Nazarov and John E. Galletly},
In the last few years, JavaScript libraries have been developed to enable developers to create and manipulate 3D objects in the browser. These JavaScript libraries incorporate physics and 3D processing algorithms, HTML 5 elements and technologies (such as canvas and background workers), and the Web Graphics Library (WebGL). This paper provides an insight into these technologies, and describes the experience gained in using the latest innovations for client-side programming using the browser as… Expand
Performance analysis of Unity3D engine in the context of applications run in web browsers
The aim of the work is the performance analysis of the Unity3D engine in the contex of applications running with a web browser and WebGL technology.. The paper presents literature review was carriedExpand
Using WebGL to create TV-centric user interfaces
In this thesis a proof-of-concept was developed to investigate the issues and limitations of WebGL and a conclusion was made that even though the performance was not as good as expected it might still be viable for use in some settings. Expand
WebGL-Based Game Engine
The Game Engine is proposed and developed to meet the increasing needs of a more straightforward way to develop Web-based 3D games and other visualizations and features a HTML5-based editor that lets developers to give more prominence to game logic. Expand
Adaptivity of 3D web content in web-based virtual museums: a quality of service and quality of experience perspective
The research contributes the design and implementation of Hannibal, an adaptive QoS & QoE-aware engine that allows Web-Based Virtual Museums to deliver the best possible user experience across those platforms. Expand
3D virtual CH interactive information systems for a smart web browsing experience for desktop PCs and mobile devices
This work presents the construction of a 3D navigation system for a web-browsing of a virtual CH environment, with the integration of first person controls and 3D popup links, to enrich the possibilities of open-source technologies applied to the world of CH valorization on web. Expand
Development of a Virtual Simulator for Microanastomosis: New Opportunities and Challenges
The paper deals with the development of virtual surgical simulator for microanastomosis developed within the INTERREG (Italy-Greece) MICRO project and an evolution of the surgical simulator to support remote control by a haptic interface via web using the WebGL platform based on JavaScript code. Expand
Interactive change of lighting in the portrait images
This paper provides a method of obtaining an image with variable light source that affects the facial features generated on the basis of the face tracking data acquired from the existing static photograph. Expand
  • J.-H. Hong, C.-H. Chen
  • Computer Science
  • The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
  • 2019
A synchronized approach for integrating the visualization and manipulation of photos and 3D geographic information system (GIS) data is proposed and presented a new direction by highlighting the use of photos for improved decision making in disaster management. Expand
Visualization of Crowd Flows from Positioning Data
Positioning systems, both indoor and outdoor, regardless of technology used, generate large amounts of data of varying quality about where different objects are observed in space at various timeExpand


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