Native Title Research in Australian Anthropology

  title={Native Title Research in Australian Anthropology},
  author={Wendy Asche and David Trigger 1},
  journal={Anthropological Forum},
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Anthropology's involvement with Australian Indigenous people seeking to obtain legal rights, particularly in the context of the Native Title Act, has been subject to considerable critique both within and outside of the academy. The collected papers in this volume provide a constructive case for best approaches in this applied anthropological research, given the apparent constraints of the legal environment and the necessity to retain professional anthropological integrity. Issues of cultural… 

Cultural Expertise in Australia: Colonial Laws, Customs, and Emergent Legal Pluralism

  • Ann N. Black
  • Law
    Cultural Expertise and Socio-Legal Studies
  • 2019
British colonization of Australia had lasting consequences for Australia’s legal system. Although designed as a “one law for all system” based on the English common law, the reality was, and is, that

Memory, forgetting and the reconciliation process

ABSTRACT The descendants of Aboriginal people in Queensland during the colonisation process have access to an enormous store of documents regarding their ancestors. This store is accessible through

A ustralia, Aboriginal Rights in

  • K. Glaskin
  • Sociology
    The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology
  • 2018



Challenges for Australian native title anthropology: practice beyond the proof of connection

This Discussion Paper arises from a concern that the current contributions of anthropology in the Australian native title arena are often unnecessarily confined to the production of expert reports

Anthropology and native title: Issues of method, claim group membership and research capacity

Within the legal profession working with the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (NTA), there is significant interest in anthropological expertise relevant to the writing of expert reports, management of

History, oral history, and memoriation in native title

In the realm of native title, the distinction between ‘traditional’ and ‘historical’ people is one that is given official acknowledgement both by the courts of Australia and by Aboriginal people

Christianity, cultural change and the negotiation of rights in land and sea

Various aspects of Christian belief and practice have been documented as significant across Aboriginal Australia. In recent years, many communities have been involved in seeking to achieve

Indigeneity, ferality, and what 'belongs' in the Australian bush: Aboriginal responses to 'introduced' animals and plants in a settler-descendant society

This article investigates responses among Aboriginal people in Australia to animals and plants introduced through the process of British colonization. While there is some rejection of exotic species

Anthropologists, Lawyers and Native Title Cases in Australia

An important issue arising in native title cases heard by the Federal Court of Australia is the role played by expert evidence, in particular, expert anthropological evidence. We argue that, because

Societies, Communities and Native Title

Whether there is a difficulty for anthropologists in the way these terms may be used in the context of native title processes and, if this be the case, how such difficulty may be alleviated or circumvented is explored.

Introduction: The (Re-)Invention of Indigenous Laws and Customs

Governments in the Asia Pacific region states within which indigenous people dwell have increasingly turned to legal definitions of indigeneity and of indigenous laws and customs. However, these

The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

THE new volume of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute is dedicated, on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday, to Prof. E. B. Tylor, of whom a fine portrait forms the frontispiece.

The governance of agreements between Aboriginal people and resource developers: Principles for sustainability

Introduction In February 2008, the Commonwealth Attorney General called for a new approach to resolving native title claims, unblocking the system through ‘interests-based’ negotiations between