Native Dreissena freshwater mussels in the Balkans: in and out of ancient lakes

  title={Native Dreissena freshwater mussels in the Balkans: in and out of ancient lakes},
  author={T. Wilke and R. Schulthei{\ss} and C. Albrecht and N. Bornmann and S. Trajanovski and T. Kevrekidis},
  • T. Wilke, R. Schultheiß, +3 authors T. Kevrekidis
  • Published 2010
  • Biology
  • Biogeosciences
  • Abstract. The Balkans is a biogeographically highly diverse region and a worldwide hotspot of endemic freshwater diversity. A substantial part of this diversity is attributed to well recognized and potential ancient lakes in its southwestern part. However, despite considerable research efforts, faunal relationships among those lakes are not well understood. Therefore, genetic information from native representatives of the mussel genus Dreissena is here used to test the biogeographical zonation… CONTINUE READING
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