Native Americans in America: A Theoretical and Historical Overview

  title={Native Americans in America: A Theoretical and Historical Overview},
  author={Peter d'Errico},
  journal={American Nations},
-L ate-twentieth-century Native America presents the same conflicts as the late eighteenth century: land and water rights, hunting and fishing, religious freedom, criminal and civil jurisdiction. In fact, these conflicts are typical of relations between indigenous peoples and colonizers on the American continent as a whole beginning more than five centuries ago. Occasional "hot spots" receive wide attention-Anishinaabe fishing in Wisconsin, Puyallup fishing in Washington, the Black Hills in the… 

(Dis)Empowerment of Native Americans in Orson Scott Card’s The Tales of Alvin Maker

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Conflict of Ethics: Indigenous Americans and Settler Colonists = Conflicto de ética: Los pueblos indígenas y los colonos en las Américas

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