Nationalisms in Japan

  title={Nationalisms in Japan},
  author={Naoko Shimazu},
Introduction Naoko Shimazu 1. Japanese National Doctrines in International Perspective Erica Benner 2. Reading the Diaries of Japanese Conscripts: Forging National Consciousness during the Russo-Japanese War Naoko Shimazu 3. Internationalism and Nationalism: Anti-western Sentiments of Japanese Foreign Policy Debates, 1918-1922 Harumi Goto-Shibata 4. Japanese Nationalist Extremism 1921-1941 in Historical Perspective Stephen S. Large 5. The Making of Ainu Moshiri: Japan's Indigenous Nationalism… 
Abstract Observers of East Asia frequently claim that Japanese nationalism is on the rise, and that Tokyo is abandoning its longtime military restraint. To determine whether these trends are indeed
Japan’s Rejuvenation: Origins, Debates and Concepts
  • V. Teo
  • Political Science
    Japan’s Arduous Rejuvenation as a Global Power
  • 2019
This chapter provides a philosophical and historical context towards the understanding of how Japan has always strove to remain a nation-state par excellence in the tempestuous international
Images of Pre-WW II: National Language Policies as Reflected in the Field of "National Language Studies" Itself
In this study I focus on the possible intellectual background regarding the scant attention paid by researchers and textbook writers to the establishment of the Japanese national language and
Reinforcing identities? Non-Japanese residents, television and cultural nationalism in Japan
Abstract Between 1997 and 2007 the foreign population of Japan increased by more than 45% making it the largest at any time in the postwar period, constituting 1.69% of the overall population. At the
In his recent book on Pan-Islamism and Pan-Asianism, Cemil Aydin ventures to treat the topic of Pan-Asianism and Pan Islam’s twentieth-century history from the perspective of intellectual history, as
‘Mixed’ Japanese-Filipino identities under Japanese multiculturalism
ABSTRACT The ways in which multiculturalism is debated and practiced forms an important frame for ‘mixed’ ethnic identities to take shape. In this paper, I explore how young migrants of
In the Shadow of the Asia-Pacific War: Rewriting the History of Education and Childhood in Modern Japan
The historiography of childhood, youth, and education in modern Japan bears the imprint of one particular generation of Japanese scholars for whom teaching and writing about these topics is not
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Democratic Instability: Democratic Consolidation, National Identity, and Security Dynamics in East Asia
Cho, Il Hyun. (2011) Democratic Instability: Democratic Consolidation, National Identity, and Security Dynamics in East Asia. Foreign Policy Analysis, doi: 10.1111/j.1743-8594.2011.00154.x
Voting Rights of the ‘Marginal’: The Contested Logic of Political Membership in Japan
The right to vote ultimately expresses political membership in democratic states. The logic behind franchise rules in a particular state tells us much about how that state conceives its polity. This