Nationalism and populism on the left: The case of Podemos

  title={Nationalism and populism on the left: The case of Podemos},
  author={J Custodi},
  journal={Nations and Nationalism},
  • J. Custodi
  • Published 11 October 2020
  • Sociology
  • Nations and Nationalism
Are Citizens Credentialist or Post-Nationalists? A Fuzzy-Eco Apostle Model Applied to National Identity
The debate on national identity has been receiving more attention from academics, social planners, and the public in recent years. This study aims to analyse citizens’ different national identity
Two Approaches to Analyze Whether Citizens’ National Identity Is Affected by Country, Age, and Political Orientation—A Fuzzy Eco-Apostle Model
The study analyzes national identity using the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) database for the waves of 2003 and 2013. First, the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and the Multigroup
Contextualising nationalism
This paper seeks to relate the scholarly analysis of nationalism – and of the ways in which nation-states relate to minorities and migrants – with the actual socio-political context within which such
Populism and nationalism revisited: A comparative study of the Spanish and Portuguese New Left
Funding information Fundaç~ao para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Grant/Award Number: PTDC/SOCSOC/28524/2017 Abstract Current definitions of populism are insufficiently determinate. They fail to
Da Bolívia do MAS à Espanha do Podemos: a questão do Estado Plurinacional | From Bolivia of MAS to Spain of Podemos: the question os the plurinational State
O presente artigo analisa a referência da experiência do Estado plurinacional boliviano no programa político do partido espanhol Podemos. O artigo está estruturado em três seções. A primeira
Mad Marx? Rethinking Emotions, Euroscepticism and Nationalism in the Populist Left
Much attention has been devoted to how right-wing populists in Europe challenge the consensus on the benefits of European integration, but left-wing resistance to the EU is less discussed. Existing


Setting the scene: Filling the Gaps in Populism Studies
This article introduces the conceptual and analytical framework for the special issue, which explores the cultural side of populism: the relationships between politics, emotions, music, and
The tensions of populism in power: a discursive-theoretical analysis of the Catalan secessionist push (2006–2017)
  • Joan Miró
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory
  • 2020
ABSTRACT The article explores one of the most under-researched aspects surrounding populism, namely the political logics followed by governing populisms, and more specifically, the transitions of
In the name of the nation: reflections on nationalism and patriotism1
Treating nationhood as a political claim rather than an ethnocultural fact, this paper asks how “nation” works as a category of practice, a political idiom, a claim. What does it mean to speak “in
Left-Wing Populism
This book conceptualizes left-wing populism as a combination of the populist impetus of expanding representation, through the appeal to 'the people' against 'the elites' and the agenda of the left to
Sovereignist wine in populist bottles? An introduction
ABSTRACT Sovereignist claims are on the rise – in Europe, the USA, and beyond. In dealing with processes such as globalization and supranational integration, which have progressively shifted powers
Why populism?
It is a commonplace to observe that we have been living through an extraordinary pan-European and trans-Atlantic populist moment. But do the heterogeneous phenomena lumped under the rubric “populist”