Nationalism, identity and citizenship in the Western Sahara

  title={Nationalism, identity and citizenship in the Western Sahara},
  author={Pablo San Mart{\'i}n},
  journal={The Journal of North African Studies},
  pages={565 - 592}
  • P. Martín
  • Published 1 September 2005
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of North African Studies
This article explores the processes of development and naturalisation of the Saharawi national identity that emerged during the 1970s under the leadership of the Frente Polisario and argues that in order to understand the Western Sahara conflict it is necessary to analyse the hegemonic policies implemented by both the Polisario and Morocco. The article shows that in the areas under Polisario administration the Saharawi subjectivity is actively and effectively promoted by the institutional… 

The right to self-determination and the indigenous people of Western Sahara

This paper discusses the right to self-determination of the indigenous people of Western Sahara. It studies their post-colonial struggle for self-determination, which has been denied owing to

Disidentification with Nationalist Conflict

This article explores how physical movement and political mobility have been central to different forms of loyalty and critique that have historically underpinned political authority in the Sahara.

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This chapter focuses on the role played by the Polisario Front as the “administrator” of the Sahrawi refugee camps and the hegemonic force behind the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD). These

Imagining Saharawi women: the question of gender in POLISARIO discourse

When the Saharawis first fled their country – the former Spanish colony the Western Sahara – for the Hamada region of the Algerian desert in 1975, all able-bodied men were encouraged to depart to the

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The UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, invites all members States to introduce gender perspective in framing the re-building of post-conflict nations. The Resolution,

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Social Protest and Nationalism in Western Sahara: Struggles around Fisheries and Housing in El Ayun and Dakhla

Abstract The Gdeim Izik protest emerged in response to Moroccan public policy (the distribution of land for construction) and adopted a nationalist line during the course of the action, provoking a

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The role of nationality laws and their implementation in underpinning or undermining the modern state in Africa is both important and has received too little attention from policy-makers to date.

Households and the production of public and private domains: revolutionary changes in Western Sahara's liberation movement

Saharawi refugees from Western Sahara have been leading a social revolution from the desert refugee camps in Algeria, where they have been living since the partial annexation of Western Sahara by

Islamic Activism and Anti-terrorism Legislation in Morocco

  • Bertram Turner
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    The Social Life of Anti-Terrorism Laws
  • 2008
The paper portrays the socio-legal transformation in a rural Moroccan area after the state got involved in the international war on terror following intense exposure to transnational Islamic

El largo camino jurídico y político hacia el Plan Baker II. ¿Estación de término?

Volumen V - 2005 ISSN 1870-4654 EL LARGO CAMINO JURIDICO Y POLITICO HACIA EL PLAN BAKER II. ?ESTACION DE TERMINO? * Carlos RUIZ MIGUEL ** There are few cases where the tension between the "law" and

Luali: ahora o nunca, la libertad

From occupied city of El Aaiun a Saharawi NGO calls for the organisation of a referendum in Western Sahara

  • RAFTO is a prestiguous Norwegian Human Rights organisation

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The Saharawi refugees: origins and organization, 1975–85

  • War and Refugees: The Western Sahara Conflict (London: Printer
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Speech to commemorate of 32nd Anniversary of the Frente Polisario

  • Sahara Press Service,
  • 2005

Reporters Without Borders has called on the Moroccan authorities to put an end to harassment of local and foreign media in Western Sahara and allow them to work normally

    Personal interview with senior Polisario member, Rabouni (Tindouf)

      This is usually promoted through the dispatches of the Maghreb Arabe Press (MAP)