Nationalism, Collaboration, and Resistance: France under Nazi Occupation

  title={Nationalism, Collaboration, and Resistance: France under Nazi Occupation},
  author={Matthew Adam Kocher and Adria Lawrence and Nuno P. Monteiro},
  journal={International Security},
Does nationalism produce resistance to foreign military occupation? The existing literature suggests that it does. Nationalism, however, also can lead to acquiescence and even to active collaboration with foreign conquerors. Nationalism can produce a variety of responses to occupation because political leaders connect nationalist motivations to other political goals. A detailed case study of the German occupation of France during World War II demonstrates these claims. In this highly… 
Collaboration and Its Political Functions
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Local Partners for Local Problems: What Forms of Military Intervention Build Civilian Support?
  • A. Knuppe
  • Political Science
    SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2019
Under what conditions do intervention tactics shape civilian support for foreign intervention in fragile states? Critics of U.S. foreign intervention often observe that invasive tactics—such as
Blowback or overblown? Why civilians under threat support invasive foreign intervention
  • A. Knuppe
  • Political Science
    Journal of Peace Research
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How do military tactics shape civilian support for foreign intervention? Critics contend that invasive tactics undermine popular support by alienating the civilian population. Counterexamples suggest


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