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National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy

  title={National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy},
  author={Roger Eatwell and Matthew J. Goodwin},
An Assessment of the threat of Right-Wing Populism in the European Parliament
Over 500 million citizens in Europe are affected by the decisions taken at the European Union. However, the complexities of this supranational institution have people feeling voiceless and disengag
Does the Scale or Speed of Immigration Generate Nativism? Evidence from a Comparison of New Zealand Regions
Nativism, the belief that the rights of those who came first should be prioritized over immigrants, is an increasingly important driver of the rise of far-right populism. It is also leading to hate
Angry tweets A corpus-assisted study of anger in populist political discourse
The rise of populism has turned researchers’ attention to the importance of affect in politics. This is a corpus-assisted study investigating lexis in the semantic domain of anger and violence in
From ‘Brexhaustion’ to ‘Covidiots’: the UK United Kingdom and the Populist Future
It is argued that British populism should be seen not as a temporary phenomenon in response to specific events and conditions, but as a fluid, amorphous and heterogeneous ‘new normal’ which is now becoming the defining characteristic of British politics.
A Cultural Sociology of Populism
  • Marcus Morgan
  • Political Science, Sociology
    International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society
  • 2020
This article interrogates dominant definitions of “populism” found in the social sciences, focusing on the term’s conceptual utility in understanding recent changes in Western polities. Though
Liberal education in turbulent times: Policy, pedagogy and their effects in European comparison
Europe has seen a national populist turn in recent years, a movement away from liberal elites and the rise of ‘post-truth’ politics. While populist parties may have passed the high point of their
What's left after right‐wing extremism? The effects on political orientation
Does radical right political violence favour or hinder public support for right-wing stances? Numerous existing studies have demonstrated that Islamic terrorism provokes a conservative shift,
Scotland and England’s colliding nationalisms: neoliberalism and the fracturing of the United Kingdom
  • J. Bone
  • Sociology
    British Politics
  • 2021
This paper explores the growing divide between Scotland and England, a schism that was beginning to take form with Scottish devolution and which has grown exponentially since the Independence
Populist electoral competition in Italy: the impact of sub-national contextual factors
ABSTRACT This article investigates the impact of sub-national contextual variations on the performance of populist actors in a country in which several electorally relevant populist parties exist:
Brexit and Trump: contesting new cleavage formation
ABSTRACT The 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU and the election of Donald Trump in the US are seen to have exposed fundamental social divisions and acute political antagonisms. While