National Organ Retrieval Imaging System: results of the pilot study.

  title={National Organ Retrieval Imaging System: results of the pilot study.},
  author={Mettu Srinivas Reddy and Chandrashekhar Bhati and Desley Neil and Darius Feroze Mirza and Derek M D Manas},
  journal={Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation},
  volume={21 11},
Efficient utilization of marginal liver grafts is dependant on the accurate assessment and relay of graft-related information to recipient units in an organ-sharing network. Currently, information is conveyed by the recovery team over the telephone and can sometimes be inconclusive or incomplete. We have developed a web-based instrument called the National Organ Retrieval Imaging System (NORIS) to improve this assessment process. The aim of this pilot study was to assess the feasibility of real… CONTINUE READING