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National Gay and Lesbian Task Force the Problems with " Straight, Gay or Lying? "

  title={National Gay and Lesbian Task Force the Problems with " Straight, Gay or Lying? "},
  author={Gerulf Rieger and Meredith L Chivers and Bailey}
An article titled " Straight, Gay or Lying? " and written by Benedict Carey appeared on the front page of the New York Times " Science Times " section on July 5. 1 The article was featured on the newspaper's front page (A-1). There are numerous, serious problems with the article. The article purports to cover a new study on bisexuality in males that is set to appear in the academic journal Psychological Science. 2 The article concludes that the study " casts doubt on whether true bisexuality… 
A Love Song for All of Us?: Macklemore's “Same Love” and the Myth of Black Homophobia
  • L. Kehrer
  • Art
    Journal of the Society for American Music
  • 2018
Abstract According to the New York Times, white rapper Macklemore and his DJ partner Ryan Lewis's “Same Love” was “the first song to explicitly embrace and promote gay marriage that has made it into
Frame Spillover: Media Framing and Public Opinion of a Multifaceted LGBT Rights Agenda
  • S. Engel
  • Law, Political Science
    Law & Social Inquiry
  • 2013
Between May and July 2003, a shift in how the US public viewed the legality of consensual homosexual sex occurred. While in May the largest percentage of respondents to date supported decriminalizing
Reassessing Madison's Diversity Hypothesis: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage
Scholars have long suggested that population diversity should serve as a check on majority tyranny, but empirical evidence for this diversity hypothesis is inconclusive. This essay suggests that
The mamas and the papas: the invisible diversity of families with same‐sex parents in the United States
This literature review is intended for administrators, educators, and counselors to generate discussion and awareness of the issues facing families with same‐sex parents in the United States, a
Reconceptualizing Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes as Burdening Expression and Association: A Case for Expanding Federal Hate Crime Legislation to Include Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
The purpose of this article is to bring to the attention of researchers, scholars, and politicians an important point about the harms to LGBT victims resulting from hate crimes—one that, in my view,
Doing, Undoing, or Redoing Gender?
Drawing from the perspectives of transgender individuals, this article offers an empirical investigation of recent critiques of West and Zimmerman’s “doing gender” theory. This analysis uses 19
Deconstructing Binary Race and Sex Categories: A Comparison of the Multiracial and Transgendered Experience
Millions of people are multiracial and cannot be classified as being of one distinct race. Similarly, millions of people are transgendered and cannot easily be categorized as either male or female.
Healthcare Experiences of Underrepresented Lesbian and Bisexual Women: A Focus Group Qualitative Study
To understand the complex healthcare experiences of women identifying as lesbian or bisexual who are also women of color, veterans, and/or 65 years of age and older, healthcare provider trainings need to address the specific concerns and experiences of underrepresented lesbian and bisexual women.
Recommendations of transgender students, staff, and faculty in the USA for improving college campuses†
Research indicates that transgender individuals frequently experience marginalisation and interpersonal victimisation within college and university settings. Missing from the literature is a
This research discuss about the impact of LBT and its anticipation. LGBT has many impacts. The health impact can be shown by 78% homosexuals infected with sexually transmitted diseases. LBGT also


Transsexuals file complaints over book. The Chicago Tribune
  • Retrieved July
  • 2003