National Cultural Orientations and Site Managers' Preferences in Pakistan

  • Tauha H. Ali
  • Published 2017


Many construction safety management functions are determined by different conceptions of roles. Indeed, these conceptions are underpinned by related cultural values. This paper investigates national cultural values’ orientations that are influencing individual preferences on safety management policies and practices. Further, it presents empirical results of a questionnaire survey administered in Pakistan targeting local construction and project managers with safety management responsibilities. From the survey results, an affirmative attitude towards the existence of safety monitoring systems is found. Data analysis reveals the presence of cultural trends which influence managers’ safety management preferences. Managers’ safety-related decisions, whether being developed at the head office or on-site were found to be strongly influenced by their high collectivist, feminist, power distance and uncertainty avoidance attitudes. The Pearson correlation analysis of inter-relationships between the managers’ cultural trends and their safety management preferences revealed a strong correlation.

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