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Nat Turner: The Complexity and Dynamic of His Religious Background

  title={Nat Turner: The Complexity and Dynamic of His Religious Background},
  author={Jakobi Williams},
  journal={The Journal of Pan-African Studies},
The following is a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Afro-American Studies, completed in 2002 at the University of California at Los Angeles, originally titled "A Panic In All This Country": Nat Turner's Complex And Dynamic Religious Background". Introduction As we came back the way that Nat led his army, Down from Cross Keys, Down to Jerusalem, We wondered if his troubled spirit still roamed the Nottaway, Or if it fled with the cock… 

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The Confessions of Nat Turner : And Related Documents

Foreword - Preface - Introduction - PART ONE: THE CONFESSIONS OF NAT TURNER - PART TWO: RELATED DOCUMENTS - Chronology - Questions for Consideration - Bibliography - Index