Nasopharyngeal diseases in cats: a retrospective study of 53 cases (1991-1998).

  title={Nasopharyngeal diseases in cats: a retrospective study of 53 cases (1991-1998).},
  author={Heidi S Allen and John Paul Broussard and Kevin J Noone},
  journal={Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association},
  volume={35 6},
The records of 53 cats with nasopharyngeal disease were examined. Of the cats with nasopharyngeal disease, 49% had lymphosarcoma and 28% had polyps. Clinical signs in these cats were compared to 24 cats with nasal disease alone. Cats with only nasal disease more commonly had historical nasal discharge and sneeze, whereas cats with nasopharyngeal disease more often had stertorous respiration, phonation change, and typically reported less nasal discharge or sneeze. It is important to include… CONTINUE READING

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