Nasal tip sutures part II: the interplays.

  title={Nasal tip sutures part II: the interplays.},
  author={Bahman Guyuron and Ramin A. Behmand},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={112 4},
  pages={1130-45; discussion 1146-9}
The achievement of consistently superior results in rhinoplasty is rendered difficult in part by a number of complex interplays between the anatomical structures of the nose and the techniques used for their alteration, such as tip sutures. The effects of sutures depend largely on the magnitude of suture tightening, the intrinsic forces on the cartilages, cartilage thickness, and the degree of soft-tissue undermining. The tip complex is perhaps the most intricate of the nasal structures… CONTINUE READING
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