Nasal septal carcinoma: initial symptom of nasal septal perforation.

  title={Nasal septal carcinoma: initial symptom of nasal septal perforation.},
  author={M Echeverr{\'i}a-Zum{\'a}rraga and Claudia Kaiser and C Gavil{\'a}n},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={102 9},
A case of a primary squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal septum in a young female with initial symptom of septal perforation is reported. Carcinoma of the nasal septum is an uncommon entity and there are a few cases reported in the literature. The functional impact of their treatment and the high mortality makes it important to diagnose it at early stage. We discuss the differential diagnosis of septal perforation and recommend early wide surgical excision. 

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