Nasal polyposis in a Nigerian district hospital.


All cases of nasal polyposis seen in a district hospital in Nigeria over a 5 year period were analysed in a prospective study to determine the aetiological pattern, the prevalence, occurrence and pathological types as well as predisposing factors. Out of the 172 patients treated, 144 had common nasal polyps while 28 patients had nasal polyps resulting from tumors. Out of the 144 patients, 103 had inflammatory polyps, 39 were of allergic origin and 2 due to cystic fibrosis. Peak presentation was between 31-40 years with a total of 58 patients (33.72%). All the patients with nasal polyposis represented 0.74% of all attendances to the ENT clinic over the period. There was no sex difference. Nasal polypectomy was carried out in all the patients while Caldwell-Luc's operation and Antrum Washout were carried out on selected cases. There were recurrences in 18 patients over the period. Delay in reporting to the NET clinic was attributed to ignorance on the part of both the patients and the general practitioners who often treated their presenting symptoms as common cold and catarrh.

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