Nasal chondromesenchymal hamartoma: a rare nasal benign tumor.


Nasal chondromesenchymal hamartoma (NCMH) is a rare nasal benign tumor, which arises from the nasal cavity or paranasal sinuses. In this article, we present a five-year-old male patient with rhabdomyosarcoma unity in remission that emerged with nasal obstruction. Synchronous diagnosis of pediatric tumors such as pleuropulmonary blastoma in the literature is… (More)
DOI: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2016.70852


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@article{Avc2016NasalCH, title={Nasal chondromesenchymal hamartoma: a rare nasal benign tumor.}, author={Hakan Avcı and S. Selçuk Çomoğlu and Erkan {\"O}zt{\"u}rk and Bilge M Bilgic and {\"O}kkeş Erkan Kıyak}, journal={Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi : KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat}, year={2016}, volume={26 5}, pages={300-3} }