Nasal and nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphoma.

  title={Nasal and nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphoma.},
  author={Satoshi Hirakawa and Michiyo Kuyama and Shuji Takahashi and Osamu Yamasaki and Hiroko Kanzaki and Takanori Teshima and M. D. N. Harada and Yingjiang Ma and Toshiki Kawabata and Tadashi Yoshino and Jir{\^o} Arata},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={40 2 Pt 1},
Nasal and nasal-type natural killer (NK)/T-cell lymphomas follow an aggressive course and have a poor prognosis. Recent pathologic studies suggest that the disease is a malignant proliferation of NK cells, which often express CD56. An association with the Epstein-Barr virus has also been reported. Skin involvement occurred in each of the 3 patients studied. Radiation therapy provided some benefit to the patients in the early stages. Conventional chemotherapies were not effective. To overcome… CONTINUE READING