Narrow Band Deep Red Photoluminescence of Y2Mg3Ge3O12:Mn4+,Li+ Inverse Garnet for High Power Phosphor Converted LEDs

  title={Narrow Band Deep Red Photoluminescence of Y2Mg3Ge3O12:Mn4+,Li+ Inverse Garnet for High Power Phosphor Converted LEDs},
  author={Thomas Jansen and J{\"u}rgen Gorobez and Marco Kirm and Mikhail G. Brik and Sebastian Vielhauer and Marek Oja and Nicholas M. Khaidukov and Vladimir N. Makhov and Thomas J{\"u}stel},
  journal={ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology},
aInstitute for Optical Technologies, Münster University of Applied Sciences, 48565 Steinfurt, Germany bInstitute of Physics, University of Tartu, 50411 Tartu, Estonia cCollege of Sciences, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, People’s Republic of China dInstitute of Physics, Jan Długosz University, PL-42200 Cz ↪ estochowa, Poland eN. S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, 119991 Moscow, Russia fP. N. Lebedev Physical Institute, 119991 Moscow… 

Luminescence Properties of Ce3+ Doped Garnet Ca2LaZr2Al3O12 Phosphors

A series of novel Ca2LaZr2Al3O12: xCe3+garnet phosphors were obtained by conventional high temperature solid-state reaction. Crystal structure, phase purity, micromorphology as well as luminescence

Mn2+ and Mn4+ red phosphors: synthesis, luminescence and applications in WLEDs. A review

Transition-metal activated phosphors are an important family of luminescent materials that can produce white light with an outstanding color rendering index and correlated color temperature for use

Luminescence properties and efficient energy transfer investigations of inverse garnet-type Mg3Y2−x−yGe3O12:xTb3+, yEu3+ multicolor phosphor

Tb3+ and/or Eu3+ doped Mg3Y2Ge3O12 phosphors were synthesized successfully through solid-state reaction. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns, photoluminescence (PL), fluorescence decay curve and

Review—Mn4+-Activated Red and Deep Red-Emitting Phosphors

  • S. Adachi
  • Chemistry
    ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
  • 2019
Mn4+-activated phosphors are a new class of non-rare earth phosphors and are alternative to commercial Eu2+-activated nitride/oxynitride phosphors with growing interest in various applications. In

Thermochromic Luminescent Nanomaterials Based on Mn4+/Tb3+ Codoping for Temperature Imaging with Digital Cameras

The combination of the thermally quenched luminescence from the Mn4+ ions to the almost temperature-independent emission from Tb3+ provides a sensitive luminescent thermometer with strong emission color variability and high application potential of Sr4Al14O25:Mn4+,Tb3- nanocrystals for thermal sensing and mapping.

Luminescence Properties of Spinels Doped with Manganese Ions

A method to synthesize spinel (MgAl2O4)–based compounds doped with magnesium ions was developed, which makes it possible to create red-emitting phosphors (band peak at 651 nm) or green-emitting



Luminescent Behavior of the K2SiF6:Mn4+ Red Phosphor at High Fluxes and at the Microscopic Level

Phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming increasingly popular for general lighting. The non-rare-earth phosphorK(2)SiF(6): Mn4+, showing promising saturated red d-d-line

Research progress and application prospects of transition metal Mn4+-activated luminescent materials

Phosphor converted white light-emitting diodes (pc-WLEDs) are an alternative choice for general lighting due to their superior features such as high efficiency, durability and reliability. However,

Photoluminescence and energy transfer rates and efficiencies in Eu3+ activated Tb2Mo3O12

Luminous efficacy (LE) and colour rendering index (CRI) of various simulated phosphor-converted warm white-light emitting diodes are calculated. Actual measured phosphor emission spectra are employed

On the Temperature Dependent Excitation and Reflection Spectra of Ln 3 Al 5 O 12 :Ce 3+ Ceramics (Ln = Y, Lu) for White LEDs

Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) and Lutetium aluminum garnet (LuAG) doped with Ce3+ are widely applied phosphor powders or ceramics for the conversion of blue into green to yellow light in the rapidly

A review on Mn4+ activators in solids for warm white light-emitting diodes

Currently, the major commercial white light-emitting diodes consist of a blue-emitting chip and Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ yellow phosphor. However, the shortage of a red emitting component in the constructed

Simple Accurate System for Measuring Absolute Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiency in Organic Solid-State Thin Films

We accurately measured the absolute photoluminescence (PL) quantum efficiency (ηPL) of organic solid-state thin films using an integrating sphere. We particularly measured the ηPL of conventional

Highly efficient all‐nitride phosphor‐converted white light emitting diode

The development and demonstration of a highly efficient warm‐white all‐nitride phosphor‐converted light emitting diode (pc‐LED) is presented utilizing a GaN based quantum well blue LED and two novel

Vibrational properties of Ca3Sc2Ge3O12, a garnet host crystal for laser applications

The IR and the Raman spectra of the Ca3Sc2Ge3O12 (CaSGG) garnet crystal have been measured and discussed in terms of internal and external modes of the tetrahedral GeO4-4 moiety. Some important

Highly efficient non-rare-earth red emitting phosphor for warm white light-emitting diodes.

These findings show great promise of K2TiF6:Mn(4+) as a commercial red phosphor in warm white LEDs, and open up new avenues for the exploration of novel non-rare-earth red emitting phosphors.