Narratives of Arabic Script: Calligraphic Design and Modern Spaces

  title={Narratives of Arabic Script: Calligraphic Design and Modern Spaces},
  author={J. Osborn},
  journal={Design and Culture},
  pages={289 - 306}
ABSTRACT The histories and practices of Arabic calligraphy and Arabic typography are richly intertwined, and this paper explores the narratives in which Arabic letter designers situate their work. It highlights two sites of Arabic lettering practice: the design firm of Syntax Digital in Amman, Jordan and the Institute of Traditional Islamic Arts at al-Balqa’ Applied University in Salt, Jordan. In dialogue with site representatives, the presentation explores the relationships connecting… Expand
Public Perception on Calligraphic Woodcarving Ornamentations of Mosques; a Comparison between East Coast and Southwest of Peninsula Malaysia
Woodcarving ornamentation is considered as, a national heritage and can be found in many Malaysian mosques. Woodcarvings are mostly displayed in three different motifs, namely floral, geometry andExpand
A Deterministic Algorithm for Arabic Character Recognition Based on Letter Properties
The research suggested a deterministic algorithm composed of 34 rules that can predict the character based on the use of all of categorizations as attributes assembled in a matrix for this purpose. Expand


The type of calligraphy : writing, print, and technologies of the Arabic alphabet
Author(s): Osborn, J. R. (Wayne) | Abstract: This dissertation examines multiple applications of Arabic script and the relationship linking visual design with written communication. It presentsExpand
Typography Behind the Arabetic Calligraphy Veil
The author argues that misinterpreting language tradition prevents what he calls Arabetic typography from embracing an appropriate technological adaptation, and critiques the notion that calligraphic styles must prevail and that legibility and readability of Arabic characters are objective. Expand
From Heaven to Dust
Few objects in pre-modern Arab Culture have generated stronger expressions of veneration than the book, sacred and profane. From the idea of the Book, the immaterial yet physical presence of theExpand
Arabic typography : a comprehensive sourcebook
This is a comprehensive study, and practical reference, of Arabic letterforms and styles beginning with a concise historical overview of the development of Arabic typography through to modern designsExpand
Technology and Religious Change: Islam and the Impact of Print
A historian, like any other scholar, incurs many debts. I am no exception. I would like to begin this occasion by acknowledging some of those debts. I have benefited greatly from the generosity ofExpand
The Mediation of Ornament
The author shares not only a veteran art historian's love for the sensuality of Islamic ornamentation, but also uses this art to show how ornament in general enables a direct, immediate encounterExpand
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The minimal vessel diameter should be ≥ 4 mm, even if single side branches originate early from the main trunk, and Diffuse atherosclerosis and aneurysm disease is an exclusion criterion. Expand
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