Narrative structure of A Song of Ice and Fire creates a fictional world with realistic measures of social complexity

  title={Narrative structure of A Song of Ice and Fire creates a fictional world with realistic measures of social complexity},
  author={Thomas Gessey-Jones and Colm Connaughton and Robin I. M. Dunbar and Ralph Kenna and P{\'a}draig MacCarron and Cathal O'Conchobhair and Joseph Yose},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  pages={28582 - 28588}
Significance We use mathematical and statistical methods to probe how a sprawling, dynamic, complex narrative of massive scale achieved broad accessibility and acclaim without surrendering to the need for reductionist simplifications. Subtle narrational tricks such as how natural social networks are mirrored and how significant events are scheduled are unveiled. The narrative network matches evolved cognitive abilities to enable complex messages be conveyed in accessible ways while story time… Expand
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