Narrating the Time of Troubles in Polish School History Textbooks (1918‑1989)

  title={Narrating the Time of Troubles in Polish School History Textbooks (1918‑1989)},
  author={Machteld Venken},
  journal={Cahiers Du Monde Russe},
  • M. Venken
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • History
  • Cahiers Du Monde Russe
How were Polish high school children educated about the Time of Troubles (1605‑1618) during the period between the independence of Poland in 1918 and the collapse of communism in 1989 ? In the interwar years, the Sanacja regime aimed to create a group of selected individuals who would work in solidarity alongside their fellow citizens for the good of the state. The figure of Hetman Stanislaw Żolkiewski was established as a role model whose values were to be adopted and whose conduct emulated… 



History, the Peasantry, and the Polish Nation in the Thought of Michal Bobrzyński

The most important historical works of today are those that take the past of a single nation and state as their subject, for the nation and the state are the highest natural, independently developing

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See also Górny, The Nation Should Come First

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