Narrating Muslim Masculinities: The Fruit of Islam and the Quest for Black Redemption

  title={Narrating Muslim Masculinities: The Fruit of Islam and the Quest for Black Redemption},
  author={Zain Abdullah},
  journal={Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men},
  pages={141 - 177}
  • Zain Abdullah
  • Published 11 October 2012
  • History
  • Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men
On April 26, 1957, Harlem braced itself for another race riot.1 The Fruit of Islam (FOI) stood stern, as divine soldiers, rank upon rank, facing the 28th Police Precinct. Pacing behind them was a sizable crowd of five hundred, which quickly swelled to five thousand (Lomax, 1963, p. 33; DeCaro, 1996, p. 113).2 The Police had given the command for “all available cops” to respond (Hicks, 1957, p. 32). But this was the FOI’s second time that night at the 123rd Street Police Station. On the first… 
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