Narcolepsy in children.

  title={Narcolepsy in children.},
  author={M. J. Challamel and Mark Mazzola and Soňa Nev{\vs}{\'i}malov{\'a} and Christine Cannard and J W Louis and Marine Revol},
  volume={17 8 Suppl},
The clinical and polygraphic characteristics of narcolepsy in children were established on the analysis of 97 reported cases in children (including 12 personal cases). In idiopathic narcolepsies (77 cases) narcoleptic attacks occurred in 97% of the cases, cataplexy in 80.5%, hypnagogic hallucination in 39% and sleep paralysis in 29%; 13% of the children had the tetrad; dyssomnia was a prominent feature. Polygraphic data showed no significant differences between adults and children. In… CONTINUE READING

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