Narcissism and the potential for selftransformation in the Twelve Steps

  title={Narcissism and the potential for selftransformation in the Twelve Steps},
  author={Lisa Lynne Turnbull},
  pages={149 - 165}
Alcoholism and its legacies of dis-ease can be understood psychoanalytically in terms of disturbed or pathological narcissism. The Twelve Steps programme of recovery provides the fragile self with the conditions for a ritualized rebirth through offering a community based on relations of reciprocity and a spiritual relationship to the Other. The holding environment of the group and the paradox at the heart of the relation to the Other are potent therapeutic elements. The Twelve Steps is an… 
Transcendental Meditation, Reiki and Yoga: Suffering, Ritual and Self-Transformation
The paper explores three practices of eastern spirituality taken up by westerners for apparently secular purposes. As an 'emic' account that proceeds inductively from the author's experience, it
Diaries from cannabis users: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
It is argued that the lack of a conscious integration of the same convulsive consumeristic aspects within the psyche, leads participants into being `possessed' by these same forces, ultimately leading to a repetitive and compulsive addictive behaviour.
Power, identity and Eurocentrism in health promotion : the case of Trinidad and Tobago
While health promotion is ostensibly concerned with the full range of processes through which people might control and improve their health, this thesis shows that existing approaches and the
Is Spirituality Important to Young People in Recovery? Insights from Participants of Self-Help Support Groups
  • A. Dadich
  • Medicine
    Southern medical journal
  • 2007
The role of spirituality was examined as the young people attempted to manage and enhance their sense of wellbeing in selfhelp support groups—groups that are run by and for participants who share similar experiences.
Process of recovery from co-dependency among wives of drug addicts in nar-anon self-help groups in Iran
Drug addiction adversely affects the addict and his/her entire family. Spouses of drug addicts are seriously affected by their partners’ addiction. Co-dependency is usually attributed to family
Factors Influencing Attitudes Towards Seeking Professional Help Among East and Southeast Asian Immigrant and Refugee Women
Perceived access is one of the main factors that influence attitudes toward seeking professional help, and Explanatory models may predict help-seeking behaviours if perceived access to such services is available.
Engines of alternative objectivity: Re-articulating the nature and value of participatory mental health organisations with the Hearing Voices Movement and Stepping Out Theatre Company
Taking inspiration from feminist theory, science studies and sociology of culture, it is argued that participatory mental health organisations generate their own forms of objectivity through novel modes of collectivising experience.
Researching community‐based support networks: what policymakers should know
Self-help support groups (SHSGs) have a valuable role in civic society. However, it is difficult to measure their value through sole use of the positivist approaches that interest policymakers. This
What can self-help support groups offer clinicians?
Findings largely reflect those of previous research on self-help support groups that meet around cancer 2-7 ; however, the study contributes to the dearth of knowledge about consumer-based initiatives in Indigenous health.
The 10-year course of Alcoholics Anonymous participation and long-term outcomes: a follow-up study of outpatient subjects in Project MATCH.
Controlling for explanatory baseline and time-varying variables, results showed significant direct effects of AAH and meeting attendance on reduced alcohol outcomes and a direct effect of AAh on improved other-oriented interest.


Persuasion and healing : a comparative study of psychotherapy
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Foreword, Introduction, Chapter One - The Myth of Narcissus, Chapter Two - "On Narcissism: an Introduction", Chapter Three - Ego and Self in Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Chapter Four -
The area of faith in Winnicott, Lacan and Bion.
  • M. Eigen
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1981
The play of faith is emphasized in Winnicott's object usage and Bion's O and a certain faith is also required to tolerate the movement of meaning in Lacan's Symbolic order.
The culture of narcissism.
  • C. Lasch
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic
  • 1980
An ancient story from Greek mythology provides a door into the world of the narcissist. It centers on a very handsome young man called Narcissist. So attractive was this man that all the girls fell
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Gregory Bateson was a philosopher, anthropologist, photographer, naturalist, and poet, as well as the husband and collaborator of Margaret Mead. With a new foreword by his daughter Mary Katherine
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Introduction Interpreting Recovery PART ONE: TREATING THE ALCOHOLIC SELF: AN ETHNOGRAPHY OF THE TREATMENT PROCESS The Paradoxes of Treatment Introduction to the New Self Experiencing Treatment PART
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Introduction: In Search of Postmodern Reason. 1 Morality without Ethics. 2 Forms of Togetherness. 3 Broken Lives, Broken Strategies. 4 A Catalogue of Postmodern Fears. 5 The Stranger Revisited -- and
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Beloved and contemplated by philosophers, architects, writers, and literary theorists alike, Bachelard's lyrical, landmark work examines the places in which we place our conscious and unconscious