Napoleon III's Transformation of Paris: The Origins and Development of the Idea

  title={Napoleon III's Transformation of Paris: The Origins and Development of the Idea},
  author={David Pinkney},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={125 - 134}
  • D. Pinkney
  • Published 1 June 1955
  • History
  • The Journal of Modern History
LOUIS NAPOLEON fancied himself something of an architect. An English visitor calling at the Bibliotheque nationale in the early 1850's for a copy of Hittorf's L'carchitecture polychrome chez les Grecs was told that it had been sent to the Elysee Palace for the president of the republic, who only a few days earlier had asked for it, together with several other books on architecture.2 While in exile in Britain he had laid out a portion of the grounds of Brodick Castle, an estate of his friend… 

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Conversations with distinguished persons during the Second Empire from 1850 to 1863 (London, 1880), I, 193. 61 Journal officiel de l'Empire franqais