Nanowire facilitated transfer of sensitive TEM samples in a FIB.

  title={Nanowire facilitated transfer of sensitive TEM samples in a FIB.},
  author={Saleh Gorji and Ankush Kashiwar and Lakshmi Sravani Mantha and Robert Kruk and Ralf Witte and Peter L. Marek and Horst Hahn and Christian K{\"u}bel and Torsten Scherer},
Shape memory effect nanotools for nano-creation: examples of nanowire-based devices with charge density waves
The tweezers are applied for the fabrication of nanostructures based on whiskers of NbS3, a quasi one-dimensional compound with room-temperature charge density wave (CDW) and the proposed technique paves the way to novel type micro- and nanostructure fabrication and their various applications.
A novel method for in situ TEM measurements of adhesion at the diamond–metal interface
The procedure for in situ TEM measurements of bonding strength (adhesion) between diamond and the metal matrix using a Hysitron PI 95 TEM Picoindenter holder for mechanical tests and Push-to-Pull


fabrication of Long and Smooth Tungsten Probes for Nano-manipulation
Long and smooth tungsten probe is useful for nano-manipulation. In this paper, an ameliorated straightforward dynamic electrochemical etching method and process for long and smooth tungsten probe
MEMS-based sample carriers for simultaneous heating and biasing experiments: A platform for in-situ TEM analysis
  • H. H. P. Garza, Y. Pivak, Qiang Xu
  • Engineering
    2017 19th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (TRANSDUCERS)
  • 2017
We present the development of a MEMS-based sample carrier to be used for in-situ studies inside the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). This MEMS device, referred to as the Nano-Chip, acts as a
Ion beam heating of kinetically constrained nanomaterials.
Melt-spun thin ribbons of shape memory TiNiCu alloy for micromechanical applications
The development of micromechanical devices (MEMS and NEMS) on the basis of nanostructured shape memory alloys is reported. A Ti50Ni25Cu25 (at. %) alloy fabricated by the melt spinning technique in
Design and implementation of shape memory alloy-actuated nanotweezers for nanoassembly
Reliable and accurate tools for nanoscale manipulation are constantly sought to complement new breakthroughs in nanomaterials and nanotechnology. In this study, a new design of electrically actuated
In situ electron microscopy four-point electromechanical characterization of freestanding metallic and semiconducting nanowires.
A novel micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) that allows integrated four-point, uniaxial, electromechanical measurements of freestanding nanostructures in-situ electron microscopy, is reported.