Nanotube Electromechanics beyond Carbon: The Case of WS2.

  title={Nanotube Electromechanics beyond Carbon: The Case of WS2.},
  author={Roi Levi and Jonathan Garel and David Teich and Gotthard Seifert and Reshef Tenne and Ernesto Joselevich},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={9 12},
The incorporation of nanostructures into nanoelectronic and nanoelectromechanical systems is a long sought-after goal. In the present article, we report the first torsional electromechanical measurements of pure inorganic nanotubes. The WS2 nanotubes exhibited a complex and reproducible electrical response to mechanical deformation. We combined these measurements with density-functional-tight-binding calculations to understand the interplay between mechanical deformation, specifically torsion… CONTINUE READING