Nanotechnology: ‘Buckypaper’ from coaxial nanotubes

  title={Nanotechnology: ‘Buckypaper’ from coaxial nanotubes},
  author={Morinobu Endo and Hiroyuki Muramatsu and Taisuke Hayashi and Yoong Ahm Kim and Mauricio Terrones and Mildred S. Dresselhaus},
Double-walled carbon nanotubes are needed in a pure, highly crystalline form before features such as their electronic properties, thermal transport and mechanical behaviour can be investigated. Here we fabricate a paper-like material that consists of hexagonally packed bundles of clean, coaxial carbon nanotubes whose double walls vary little in diameter; it is prepared in high yields using chemical-vapour deposition with a conditioning catalyst and two-step purification. Our results will enable… CONTINUE READING