Nanostructured tungsten carbides by thermochemical processing

  title={Nanostructured tungsten carbides by thermochemical processing},
  author={Kolan Madhav Reddy and Tara N. Rao and K. S. Radha and Joydip Joardar},
Abstract Influence of the precursor structure on nanostructured W–C phase evolution during reduction and carburization of WO 3 under hydrogen environment was investigated. Nanostructured WC was obtained from a chemically synthesized precursor consisting of hexagonal, monoclinic and partially amorphous WO 3 and amorphous C by heat treatment at 1000 °C. The phase analysis of the heat treated product also revealed a small fraction of amorphous WC. No trace of W 2 C, W or WC 1− x could be detected… CONTINUE READING