Nanoscale order in ZnS:(Cd, O)

  title={Nanoscale order in ZnS:(Cd, O)},
  author={Salvador Felipe D{\'i}az Albarr{\'a}n and V. A. Elyukhin and Patricia Rodr{\'i}guez Peralta},
Abstract A thermodynamic model of self-assembling of isoelectronic impurities in ZnS:(Cd, O) is presented. Self-assembling results in an occurrence of 1O4Cd tetrahedral clusters. The self-assembling conditions are derived by the minimum condition of the free energy of ZnS:(Cd, O) for Cd and oxygen in the dilute and ultra dilute limits, respectively. The occurrence of 1O4Cd clusters and the completion of self-assembling when all oxygen atoms are in clusters are results of the continuous phase… CONTINUE READING

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