Nanoscale coordination polymers for platinum-based anticancer drug delivery.

  title={Nanoscale coordination polymers for platinum-based anticancer drug delivery.},
  author={William J Rieter and Kimberly M Pott and Kathryn M L Taylor and Wenbin Lin},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={130 35},
Pt-containing nanoscale coordination polymer (NCP) particles with the formula of Tb2(DSCP)3(H2O)12 (where DSCP represents disuccinatocisplatin), NCP-1, were precipitated from an aqueous solution of Tb3+ ions and DSCP bridging ligands via the addition of a poor solvent. SEM and TEM images showed that as-synthesized NCP-1 exhibited a spherical morphology with a DLS diameter of 58.3 +/- 11.3 nm. NCP-1 particles were stabilized against rapid dissolution in water by encapsulation in shells of… CONTINUE READING
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Release profiles for as-synthesized NCP-1, NCP-1′-a, and NCP-1′-b obtained by plotting the % Pt released against time

  • M. Oh, C. A. Mirkin
  • Nature
  • 2005

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