Nanoscale Si/SiO2 multilayer structures produced by plasma-chemical technology

  title={Nanoscale Si/SiO2 multilayer structures produced by plasma-chemical technology},
  author={Andrei A Gismatulin and Genadii N. Kamaev and Alexander Kh. Antonenko and Sofia A. Arzhannikova and Vladimir A Volodin and M. D. Efremov and Anna S. Gileva},
  journal={2009 International School and Seminar on Modern Problems of Nanoelectronics, Micro- and Nanosystem Technologies},
Si-SiO2 multilayer nanoscale structures were obtained using а procedures of α-Si:H thin film depositions and subsequently plasma enhanced oxidation. Thus, a structure containing 6 layers of α-Si:H with thickness of 50 Å, inserted between the layers of SiO2 with thickness 150 Å has been created. The experimental setup with source of wide aperture and high… CONTINUE READING