Nanoporous cerium oxide thin film for glucose biosensor.

  title={Nanoporous cerium oxide thin film for glucose biosensor.},
  author={Shibu Saha and Sunil K. Arya and Surinder P. Singh and Kondepudy Sreenivas and Bansi Dhar Malhotra and Vinay Gupta},
  journal={Biosensors & bioelectronics},
  volume={24 7},
Nanoporous cerium oxide (CeO(2)) thin film deposited onto platinum (Pt) coated glass plate using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) has been utilized for immobilization of glucose oxidase (GOx). Atomic force microscopy studies reveal the formation of nanoporous surface morphology of CeO(2) thin film. Response studies carried out using differential pulsed voltammetry (DPV) and optical measurements show that the GOx/CeO(2)/Pt bio-electrode shows linearity in the range of 25-300 mg/dl of glucose… CONTINUE READING

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