Nanoparticles as Titanium Coatings: A Valuable Strategy to Prevent Implant- associated Infections

  title={Nanoparticles as Titanium Coatings: A Valuable Strategy to Prevent Implant- associated Infections},
  author={Elvira De Giglio and Adriana Trapani and Damiana Cafagna and Concetta Ferretti and Roberta Iatta and Stefania Cometa and Edmondo Ceci and Antonella Romanelli and Monica Mattioli-Belmonte},
Orthopaedic infections represent one of the major causes of implant failure. Systemic treatment is limited due to dosing, side-effects, patient compliance, treatment length and resistant bacteria. The choice of antibiotic incorporation method has been the subject of many investigations and, nowadays, various vehicles for local drug delivery have been studied. In this work, a novel ciprofloxacin loaded chitosan nanoparticles coating system onto titanium surface has been developed and… CONTINUE READING


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