Nanomechanics of lipid encapsulated microbubbles with functional coatings.

  title={Nanomechanics of lipid encapsulated microbubbles with functional coatings.},
  author={Radwa H Abou-Saleh and Sally A. Peyman and Kevin Critchley and Stephen D. Evans and N. H. Thomson},
  journal={Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids},
  volume={29 12},
Microbubbles (MBs) are increasingly being proposed as delivery vehicles for targeted therapeutics, as well as being contrast agents for ultrasound imaging. MBs formed with a lipid shell are promising candidates due to their biocompatibility and the opportunity for surface functionalization, both for specific targeting of tissues and as a means to tune their mechanical response for localized ultrasound induced destruction in vivo. Herein, we acquired force-deformation data on coated lipid MBs… CONTINUE READING

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