Nanomechanical phenotype of chondroadherin-null murine articular cartilage.

  title={Nanomechanical phenotype of chondroadherin-null murine articular cartilage.},
  author={Michael A Batista and Hadi Tavakoli Nia and Patrik {\"O}nnerfjord and Karen A. Cox and C. Castillo Ortiz and Alan J. Grodzinsky and Dick Heineg{\aa}rd and Lin Han},
  journal={Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology},
Chondroadherin (CHAD), a class IV small leucine rich proteoglycan/protein (SLRP), was hypothesized to play important roles in regulating chondrocyte signaling and cartilage homeostasis. However, its roles in cartilage development and function are not well understood, and no major osteoarthritis-like phenotype was found in the murine model with CHAD genetically deleted (CHAD(-/-)). In this study, we used atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based nanoindentation to quantify the effects of CHAD deletion… CONTINUE READING