Nanomaterials chemistry : recent developments and new directions

  title={Nanomaterials chemistry : recent developments and new directions},
  author={C N R Rao and Achim M{\"u}ller and Anthony K. Cheetham},
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Recent Developments in the Synthesis, Properties and Assemblies of Nanocrystals. (P.J. Thomas and P. O'Brien) 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Spherical Nanocrystals. 1.2.1 Semiconductor Nanocrystals. 1.2.2 Metal Nanocrystals. 1.2.3 Nanocrystals of Metal Oxides. 1.3 Nanocrystals of Different Shapes. 1.3.1 Anisotropic Growth of Semiconductor and Oxide Nanocrystals. 1.3.2 Anisotropic Growth of Metal Nanocrystals. 1.4 Selective Growth on Nanocrystals. 1.5 Properties of… Expand
Synthetic Chemistry of Nanomaterials
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the synthetic chemistry in the field of nanomaterials. The ability to engineer materials at a nanometer length scale has sparked interest across manyExpand
Nanoparticle films and photonic crystal multilayers from colloidally stable, size-controllable zinc and iron oxide nanoparticles.
These colloidally stable and size-controllable metal oxide nanoparticles enable the formation of high optical quality films and photonic crystal multilayers whose component layer thickness, refractive index, porosity, and surface area are found to scale with the nature of the alcohol. Expand
Nanoparticles of energetic materials: synthesis and properties (review)
The replacement of micrometer-sized metal fuel powders in gas-generating solid propellants with nanosized metal powders has become a common trend in the design of new types of propellants in recentExpand
Metal Oxide Nanocrystals: Building Blocks for Mesostructures and Precursors for Metal Nitrides
Sol-gel routes to metal oxide nanoparticles in organic solvents under exclusion of water represent a valuable alternative to aqueous methods. In comparison to the complex aqueous chemistry,Expand
Determination of Photovoltaic Properties for Nanostructures
Zinc sulfide (ZnS) and n-type zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures have been synthesized and deposited on p-type porous silicone to investigate their photovoltaic properties. The morphology of theExpand
Template-free synthesis of ZnS nanocrystals with a new sulfur source and their photocatalytic study
Abstract A facile, one-pot, template-free solvothermal route for the synthesis of ZnS microspheres composed of nanocrystals (NCs) using 4,4′-dipyridyldisulfide (DPDS=(C5H4N)2S2) as a new in situExpand
Synthesis and Characterization of S@AgBr Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Core–shell nanoparticles are gaining lots of importance recently due to their exciting applications in different fields like biomedical, pharmaceutical, electronics, catalysis etc. They also show newExpand
Spectroscopic and microscopic characterization of porphyrin-carbon nanostructures interactions in the presence of metal nanoparticles
II ABSTRACT The focus of this dissertation is to achieve better sensing performances by using carbon based nanostructures (CBN). These structures are known for their excellent properties (e.g.Expand
Fast synthesis, morphology transformation, structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown by seed‐free hydrothermal method
A fast and low cost seed-free hydrothermal synthesis method to synthesize zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods with controllable morphology, size and structure has been developed. Ammonia is used to react withExpand
Synthesis of CeO2 nanocrystals with controlled size and shape and their influence on electrochemical performance
AbstractIn this work, nanosphere-like and nanowire shaped CeO2 nanocrystals were prepared at room temperature utilizing the epoxide precipitation reaction in aqueous and ethanolic solutions. It wasExpand