Nanoemulsion: for improved oral delivery of repaglinide.

  title={Nanoemulsion: for improved oral delivery of repaglinide.},
  author={Juber Akhtar and Hefazat Hussain Siddiqui and Sheeba Fareed and Badruddeen and Mohammad Bani Khalid and Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Aqil},
  journal={Drug delivery},
  volume={23 6},
Repaglinide (RPG) is a fast-acting prandial glucose regulator. It acts by stimulating insulin release from pancreatic β-cells. Recurrent dosing of RPG before each meal is burdensome remedy. Hence the plan of the present study was to evaluate nanoemulsion as a hopeful carrier for RPG for persistent hypoglycemic effect. The drug was incorporated into oil phase of nanoemulsion to give improved biopharmaceutical properties as compared to the lipid-based systems. Pseudo ternary phase diagrams were… CONTINUE READING