Nanodiamond-mediated delivery of water-insoluble therapeutics.

  title={Nanodiamond-mediated delivery of water-insoluble therapeutics.},
  author={Mark Chen and Erik Pierstorff and Robert G. Lam and Shu-You Li and Houjin Huang and Eiji Osawa and Dean Ho},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={3 7},
A broad array of water-insoluble compounds has displayed therapeutically relevant properties toward a spectrum of medical and physiological disorders, including cancer and inflammation. However, the continued search for scalable, facile, and biocompatible routes toward mediating the dispersal of these compounds in water has limited their widespread application in medicine. Here we demonstrate a platform approach of water-dispersible, nanodiamond cluster-mediated interactions with several… CONTINUE READING
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