Nanodiamond-Rich Layer across Three Continents Consistent with Major Cosmic Impact at 12,800 Cal BP

  title={Nanodiamond-Rich Layer across Three Continents Consistent with Major Cosmic Impact at 12,800 Cal BP},
  author={Charles R. Kinzie and S. Q. Que Hee and A. Stich and Kevin A. Tague and C. Mercer and J. Razink and Douglas J. Kennett and P. S. Decarli and T. Bunch and J. Wittke and I. Israde-Alc{\'a}ntara and J. Bischoff and A. C. Goodyear and K. Tankersley and David R. Kimbel and Brendan J. Culleton and J. Erlandson and T. Stafford and J. B. Kloosterman and A. M. Moore and R. Firestone and J. E. Aura Tortosa and J. F. Jord{\'a} Pardo and Allen West and J. Kennett and W. Wolbach},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
  pages={475 - 506}
  • Charles R. Kinzie, S. Q. Que Hee, +23 authors W. Wolbach
  • Published 2014
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • A major cosmic-impact event has been proposed at the onset of the Younger Dryas (YD) cooling episode at ≈12,800 ± 150 years before present, forming the YD Boundary (YDB) layer, distributed over >50 million km2 on four continents. In 24 dated stratigraphic sections in 10 countries of the Northern Hemisphere, the YDB layer contains a clearly defined abundance peak in nanodiamonds (NDs), a major cosmic-impact proxy. Observed ND polytypes include cubic diamonds, lonsdaleite-like crystals, and… CONTINUE READING
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