Nanocrystal Photovoltaic Paint Sprayed With a Handheld Airbrush

  title={Nanocrystal Photovoltaic Paint Sprayed With a Handheld Airbrush},
  author={A. Javier and E. E. Foos},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology},
A complete photovoltaic cell was fabricated using only a handheld airbrush, dilute solutions of CdSe and CdTe nanorods, commercially available silver paint, and transparent-conducting-electrode-coated glass. Produced and stored under ambient conditions, these fully functioning solar cells are stable for months. As a heterojunction cell, the migration of carriers within the CdTe and CdSe layers is polarity-dependent, which directly contributes to the photoinduced voltaic cell response observed… CONTINUE READING


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