Nano-bridge enabled three-dimensional gate-all-around field effect transistors

  title={Nano-bridge enabled three-dimensional gate-all-around field effect transistors},
  author={Jin Yong Oh and Hyun-June Jang and Won-Ju Cho and Jong-Tae Park and M. Saif Islam},
  journal={8th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering},
We demonstrate the integration of nanowires to design gate-all-around field-effect-transistors (GAA-FETs) in the shape of horizontally aligned 3-dimensional semiconductor nano-bridges. The transistors exhibited a high on/off-current ratio, low sub-threshold swing and very low off-currents. In addition to designing low-voltage non-volatile memory cells, the photosensitivity of the FETs is employed to demonstrate several analog and digital applications such as electro-optical OR gate circuit… CONTINUE READING

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