Nano-bio-chip sensor platform for examination of oral exfoliative cytology.

  title={Nano-bio-chip sensor platform for examination of oral exfoliative cytology.},
  author={Shannon E. Weigum and Pierre N. Floriano and Spencer W. Redding and Chih-ko Yeh and Stephen D. Westbrook and Howard Stan McGuff and Alan X. Lin and Frank R. Miller and Fred Villarreal and Stephanie D. Rowan and N Vigneswaran and Michelle D Williams and John T. McDevitt},
  journal={Cancer prevention research},
  volume={3 4},
Oral cancer is a deadly and disfiguring disease that could greatly benefit from new diagnostic approaches enabling early detection. In this pilot study, we describe a nano-bio-chip (NBC) sensor technique for analysis of oral cancer biomarkers in exfoliative cytology specimens, targeting both biochemical and morphologic changes associated with early oral tumorigenesis. Here, oral lesions from 41 dental patients, along with normal epithelium from 11 healthy volunteers, were sampled using a… CONTINUE READING
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