Naming Black Studies: Results From a Faculty Opinion Survey

  title={Naming Black Studies: Results From a Faculty Opinion Survey},
  author={Nolan Kopkin and Erin N. Winkler},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
  pages={343 - 366}
The ongoing debate about nomenclature has been part of the discourse in Black Studies since the late 1960s, yet there remains no consensus on an ideal name. The existing literature ties specific name choices to political, ideological, and paradigmatic approach; regional focus; and/or institutional and market pressure. In this study, we augment the literature with survey data on the opinions of Black Studies scholars. Our findings show “Africana Studies” is most often chosen as the ideal name… 



Africology, Black studies, African American studies, Africana studies, or African world studies? What’s so important about a given name?

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